Where to Buy Your Bluetooth Keyboard for Kindle Fire HD

So where do you find these bluetooth keyboards for your Kindle Fire HD? And what do I recommend? Since there are many different types of keyboards it is not exactly fair to name one a winner, but below you can find some of the favorites in each category. For more information on what to look for when buying a keyboard see the “How to Choose” page.

OK, Lets start basic. While some of these keyboards may come with stands, many of them do not. The stand is what hold up the Kindle Fire HD so you can see it while typing. These are fairly inexpensive and are a MUST for almost any keyboard you may buy.

Here is probably one of the most basic keyboards you can find, and it is reflected in the price. This keyboard comes with a little stand, pretty basic but it does the job. This keyboard is also being labeled by amazon as compatible with the Kindle Fire HD line, so you know it will work for SURE! It gets a pretty favorable rating on amazon.com as well. Check the link below the picture to get more details.

Moving to another category, what if you want an all in one case/stand/keyboard combo? Well there is a perfect solution for you as well. This case folds over into a stand and also includes a bluetooth keyboard right in the case. This allows you to always have everything you need and you will not have to scramble around and find your keyboard when you want to use it. Be sure to check the compatability with your size/generation of kindle fire!

For you travelers, here is a keyboard for your Kindle Fire HD. It folds in half and acts as a case so it will not get damaged when you throw it in your computer bag. Comen in many colors. Check it out!

One last major category is the Roll-up keyboard. As of writing this, there are no “Kindle Fire Approved” keyboards in this category, but I will update you as any become available. See the items below for more information.

Along with bluetooth keyboards, you may want to look into a stylus pen for your Kindle Fire HD. This will allow you to “write” on your Fire as if using a pencil. It is much more accurate than using a finger, and keeps your screen free and clear of those smudge marks! Here is my favorite Stylus for the Kindle Fire HD.