Kindle Fire Discount Code

Are you looking for a Kindle Fire Discount Code? You have come to the right place. Use the code DADSFIRE at checkout to save $20! Hurry, this offer expires on June 8th! Click here to purchase your Kindle Fire HD and enter the discount code.Kindle Fire Discount Code

Every now and then at special holidays, Amazon will release a Kindle Fire Discount Code. For Father’s Day that code is DADSFIRE. Use this opportunity to get this great device for $20 below what you would normally spend. I have the 7″ version, but if i knew about this 8.9″ for only $249 i would have definitely gone with that instead. There is so much more screen space on the larger Kindle.

I use mine not only for reading, but for surfing the web as well. My other favorite feature is the Freetime app. This allows you to set up an area on the kindle that is for kids only. They can only access the apps that you want them to. I log my daughter in on the Freetime app and then let her go wild. There are so many educational games available for her.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and use your Kindle Fire Discount Code today!

Don’t forget to enter DADSFIRE at checkout to receive this Kindle Fire Discount!

Kindle Fire HD Coupon Code

This deal has expired! See the latest deal HERE. Thanks!

Just in time for Mothers Day! To use this code simply enter FIRE4MOM at checkout and receive a $20 DISCOUNT! This is a great price for a great gift. The price after the coupon code is applied is only $179. Order soon to ensure you get it delivered by Mother’s Day!


Coupon Code: FIRE4MOM  =  $20 discount

Protective Case for Kindle Fire HD 7″ …..for Kids!

Now here is an interesting product. It is a Protective Case geared towards your kids. If your Kindle Fire is anything like mine, it gets used more by your kids than it does by you! And it’s been more than once that I have heard a “thump” followed up by “uh-oh” This case is great for protecting your Kindle Fire HD and provides an easy way for little hands to carry it around. This case also allows you to leave the Kindle plugged in while the case is still attached, so you don’t have to worry about losing power half way through that episode of Dora! Check it Out!

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ is now Available!

OK folks, the day has arrived. While the updated Kindle Fire HD 7″ was nice, most people were more excited about the larger 8.9″ version. This model sports a 1,920×1200 display and starts at just $299. You can upgrade from 16GB to 32GB (double the storage) for just $70. The comparable Apple iPad will set you back $549, so grab a Fire now while they are still in stock!!

There is another version that will start shipping next month that will include LTE (allowing you to connect to the internet over the cell networks instead of just your home wi-fi) Check out the link below to learn more! Don’t forget, your case for your 7″ will not fit this larger version but if you have a keyboard that works with your 7″ Fire HD, then it will also work with this larger version.


Kindle Fire HD 7″ -OR- iPad mini?

PHEW! Dodged a bullet there. For us early adopters of the 7″ Kindle Fire HD, when we learned about the pending announcement of a smaller iPad from Apple being released we thought “Uh Oh, should I have waited until the iPad mini release and not just spent $200 on my new Fire?” Well, be not afraid! While each has its advantages, I personally cannot justify paying an extra $130 for the Apple branded mini tablet. Yeah, it has a little larger screen, but the resolution on the Kindle Fire HD kicks it tail. I also am a huge fan of the direct link my Kindle Fire has with Amazon services. Here is an article from Gizmodo going in to more detail between the two…..“iPad Mini or Kindle Fire HD” – Gizmodo

Kindle Fire Freetime

As promised at launch, the Freetime app was recently released with the latest update. The version that includes free time is 7.2.1. Read the article below to find out how to update your Kindle Fire HD to the latest version.

This app gives you, as parents, more control of you Fire when the kids use it. You essentially give them a safe “play-zone” that you set up and decide time limits on games and books. I have really been looking forward to this app, as I think my 3 year old daughter uses my Fire as much as I do! (mostly educational type games) I am thinking about writing another post soon on my favorite kida/learning games.Use the Contact Us page to let me know YOUR favorite!

The linked article goes into much more detail about Kindle Freetime, so check it out!

Read the article from PC Magazine here