Kindle Fire Discount Code

Are you looking for a Kindle Fire Discount Code? You have come to the right place. Use the code DADSFIRE at checkout to save $20! Hurry, this offer expires on June 8th! Click here to purchase your Kindle Fire HD and enter the discount code.Kindle Fire Discount Code

Every now and then at special holidays, Amazon will release a Kindle Fire Discount Code. For Father’s Day that code is DADSFIRE. Use this opportunity to get this great device for $20 below what you would normally spend. I have the 7″ version, but if i knew about this 8.9″ for only $249 i would have definitely gone with that instead. There is so much more screen space on the larger Kindle.

I use mine not only for reading, but for surfing the web as well. My other favorite feature is the Freetime app. This allows you to set up an area on the kindle that is for kids only. They can only access the apps that you want them to. I log my daughter in on the Freetime app and then let her go wild. There are so many educational games available for her.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and use your Kindle Fire Discount Code today!

Don’t forget to enter DADSFIRE at checkout to receive this Kindle Fire Discount!